Jocelin Kagan

I hold: a Higher Primary Teacher’s Diploma with specialisation in Speech & Drama, a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Henley (UK) MBA, and am the published author of four books.

My personal tapestry is colourful and varied. Whilst imbuing young people with a feeling of self and teaching executives the power of the spoken word, I taught myself what it means to have conviction in the moment, disregard doubt and work with intuition.

So it is with my photographs. The instant a scene starts moving into focus I think ahead; the light, angle. what intensity will best show depth, detail and deliver, the training kicks in – I am absorbed. The photographic challenge I’ve given myself is to abstract movement from exactness. My work is deeply personal often revealing concealed personality traits.

  • PAINTERLY SKIES  – reflect depth of mood and a passion for complimentary and juxtaposed drama.

  • BLACK AND WHITE IN STRIPES – aspects my sense of order in lines which do not cross.

  • POLAR – there is no rational to love – so it is; my affair with the Antarctic – its moods, mists, irrational temperatures, towering ‘bergs’, mysteries, magnetism, history and wildlife.

  • WILD DOGS – an endangered species: fleet ‘o foot, highly intelligent strategic hunters which ensure their pups feed first.  Wild Dogs play, tease elephant, are afraid of lion and will bravely challenge a Hyena trying to steal their kill. I love them.

  • ABSTRACT –  as the Impressionists smashed conservatism in the salons of Paris, so I strive to work the lens to smash convention, create a hint, a smidgen, a dash or handful of threads. An impression to resonate with something the viewer recognises.

  • WILDLIFE – the eyes – they tell it all.

With warm regards,