Jocelin Kagan

- Photographer turned Mixed Media Photographic Artist holds a Henley (UK) MBA. She is the author of five books including the iconic photographic book: AFRICA’S WILD DOGS - A SURVIVAL STORY.
The planet we call home is magnificent and it’s this majesty I interpret in my work making intelligible nature’s moods, conversations and her extraordinary balance – now teetering.
Each work is unique in its interpretation and extends beyond the limits of its boundaries into the uncluttered, unbounded and uninhabited. The place where forests, beaches, mountains, savannahs, plants and animals are free, epitomise my wild.
Working with silver and gold leaf and embellishing with 22ct gold and pure sliver leaf reflects the richness and value I put on these expressions.
As a woman I believe I bring something very special to melding the conversation between photography and my artistic expression of nature. My message is simple: nature’s dance is distinctive, individual, pure and sincere and connects us with soul.
I established Africa’s Wild Dogs Survival Fund, a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) to aid those organisations working in the field with the African Wild Dogs a highly endangered species. All funds raised from the sale of these works go to the fund.